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Burnse – Week 4 Concept

March 30, 2010

Concept presented to Comedy Channel representative. A small crane totters onscreen and smashes the pile of forgotten comedy items over the city which blooms into colour and life as it hits.


Burnse’s Concept – Week 3

March 22, 2010

My newly updated concept is based on theme of a tower of comedic elements. Here we have a tower of outdated comedy elements, discarded in a heap, which the c’fer wrecking ball then comes through and destroys. Basically trying to say that any comedy is outdated compared to the Comedy Channel/Comedy Channel blows away the competition.

Week 3_Concept Development_Comedy Channel_Adam Cook

March 16, 2010

This shot is further developing the tower ‘where all things comedy go’ idea.  This shot is to establish just how much taller the tower is in comparison to the city. The camera flies across the city streets before rotating upwards giving the bird’s eye view shot shown in the previous image of this city. This shot also shows in slightly more detail the items of which the tower is made of including the (huge in comparison to a regular door) stage door.

Week2_Concept 2_Comedy Channel_Adam Cook

March 16, 2010

The idea around this concept can be explained in a simple phrase; ‘Where all things comedy go’.  The concept is based around a city where all roads lead to a central tower. The tower itself is 10 times bigger than any other building and constructed of hundreds of televisions as well as various well known comedy items. At the base of the tower is the Comedy Channel’s iconic stage door, and the tower itself is attracting characters such as giant chickens and false teeth to thunder down the streets, drawn to it, reiterating the idea ‘where all things comedy go’.

Week 2_Concept 1_Comedy Channel_Adam Cook

March 16, 2010


The link above leads to the .pdf of my first concept image.

This concept is based around the idea of a speeding truck delivering barrels of laughs to the comedy channel building. It is designed to provoke a frenetic feel as you fly through Melbourne’s’ city streets.

Burnse’s Concepts – Week 1

March 11, 2010

Good day and welcome to the first post of SwinGroup19’s long, arduous journey to perfection. Our first installment is curtesy of one Elizabeth Burns.

First we have an example of Australian humour, following the notion that pain is hilarious. I am quite fond of the wrecking ball idea, since I see the best humour as the sort that takes you by surprise and destroys your old view of society.


This concept involved buildings as the pins in a game of bowling, which are knocked into the air and fall back down as laughter. However, I accidentally saved over the building version, so here’s the general feeling I was going for.

Lovely in two dimensions but not quite compatible with the third. Now it’s off to combine the building designs with the tower featured in Adam’s work.

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Hello world!

March 2, 2010

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